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Signature Nasi Lemak

Introducing our Healthy Nasi Lemak – a heart-healthy twist on the beloved Malaysian classic that doesn’t compromise on taste. Freshable recipe is thoughtfully crafted to bring you the authentic flavors of Malaysia with a nutritious spin. Each serving is packed with protein-rich chicken drumsticks, marinated in a special house blend of spices and low-fat Greek yogurt, and air-fried to perfection for that irresistible crunch without the excess oil. Served alongside brown rice cooked in light coconut milk and fragrant pandan leaves, this dish balances rich flavors with wholesome ingredients. The crunch of air-fried anchovies and the spicy kick of our house blend Sambal Tumis, sweetened with monk fruit sugar for a healthier touch, add depth to the meal. With sides of boiled eggs and fresh cucumber slices, this Healthy Nasi Lemak is a complete, balanced meal that’s sure to satisfy your cravings for traditional fare while keeping your health in check.

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More To Know

Nutrition Fact per serve

Cooking Level:
Prep & Cook Time:
60 minutes
Contains Egg (Egg), Seafood (Anchovy) and Dairy (Yoghurt). FODMAP sensitivity (Garlic and Onion)
Protein (g):
Energy (Kcal):
Net Carbs (g):
Fats (g):
Sodium (mg):
What you need (Pantry):
• Salt • Black Pepper • Water (for cooking rice on stove)  • Water (for cooking rice in rice cooker)
What you need (Equipment):
• Small Pot • Air-fryer • Pan
What we send:
• Chicken Drumstick • Japanese Cucumber • Egg • Garlic • Ginger • Meat Curry Powder • Turmeric Powder • Cumin Powder • Garam Masala • Chili Powder • Low Fat Greek Yogurt • Dried Chili (Remove Seeds) • Chili Padi • Red Onion • Garlic • Brown Rice • Light Coconut Milk • Pandan Leaf • Salt • Ginger • Tamarind Paste • Anchovies • Monk Fruit Sugar • Red Onion • Salt • Oil
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