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Nasi Tomato with “Fried” Chicken

 A tantalising blend of aromatic spices and succulent air fried free-range chicken, paired with fragrant tomato-infused rice for a familiar Asian cuisine. Featuring our lemongrass house blend marinade, a whole chicken leg, and other ingredients including ginger, galangal, tomatoes, cloves and Basmati Rice. This cooking kit comes ready with all necessary ingredients so you can start whipping up a storm in your kitchen right away! 

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More To Know

Nutrition Fact per serve

Cooking Level:
Prep & Cook Time:
45 minutes
No allergen. FODMAP sensitivity (Garlic & Onion)
Protein (g):
Energy (Kcal):
Net Carbs (g):
Fats (g):
Sodium (mg):
What you need (Pantry):
• Salt • Water (for cooking rice on stove) • Water (for cooking rice in rice cooker)
What you need (Equipment):
• Bowl • Air-fryer • Pan
What we send:
• Chicken whole leg with bone • Lemongrass • Garlic • Shallot • Ginger • Galangal • Turmeric Powder • Ground Cumin • Corn Starch • Basmati Rice • Canned Tomato Paste • Milk • Tomatoes • Cinnamon Stick • Star Anise • Cloves • Red Onion • Coriander Leaves • Oil
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