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Steamed Fish Teochew Style

Delve into the timeless elegance of Teochew cuisine with our version of Teochew steamed fish. Fresh whole fish, delicately seasoned and accompany with chicken slices, pickled vegetables and sour plums. As it gently steams to tender perfection, the fish absorbs the subtle aromas of aromatic ingredients, resulting in a dish that’s both light and deeply satisfying. Whether enjoyed as a centerpiece for a family gathering or quiet dinner at home, our Teochew steamed fish promises a taste of tradition that’s sure to delight the senses and warm the heart.  

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More To Know

Nutrition Fact per serve

Cooking Level:
Prep & Cook Time:
25 minutes
FODMAP Sensitivity: onion, garlic
Protein (g):
Energy (Kcal):
Net Carbs (g):
Fats (g):
Sodium (mg):
Sugars (g):
What you need (Pantry):
• Salt • White pepper, ground
What you need (Equipment):
• Large non-stick fry pan/wok • Steaming baskets/ Steamer
What we send:
• Thick barramundi fillet, skin on • Chicken breast, skinless & thinly sliced • Silken tofu (250g tube) • Mung bean vermicelli (50g piece) • Tomato (small) • Spring Onion • Young Ginger • Preserved sour plum • Preserved sour and salty mustard green (鹹菜) • Garlic Oil • Chicken breast seasoning • Coriander
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